Who We Are

Who We Are

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It’s not without reason that we are said to live in a knowledge-driven economy. In today’s competitive world, funding and talent are easy to attract. So the only thing that then differentiates one organization from another, the one thing that makes some companies market leaders while others are followers – is their approach to business. How passionate they are about making a difference, and how they set about achieving this goal – makes all the difference. This will require an enormous investment in time and effort, which not every company is able to afford today.

That is where GSM Advantage India comes into the picture!

As a management consultancy that has worked with hundreds of clients through the years, we are acutely tuned to the subtle differences that separate winning companies from struggling ones. We have built on this knowledge to derive customized strategies and tactics that have worked time and again. We then apply them to your unique situation and initiate the process of transformation.

This way, our knowledge and experience will come to your aid, and give you the competitive edge or the ‘advantage’ you seek for your business.

Our Company

Today, Mr. G.S. Murthy is a Strategic Business Advisor to the MSME sector in Hyderabad region and helps start-ups or entrepreneurs through all stages of setting up and running a business. As a One-stop Advisory, he takes care of Company Setup, Brand Identity Collateral, Infrastructure Setup, Training for Team Members, Marketing Communications, Creating Business Content, and Consulting & Project Management. This helps the start-ups gain business momentum, reduce their time-to-market, and become profitable in the shortest possible time. He combines the roles of an Incubator, Mentor, Accelerator, Marketer and Project Management team.

At GSM Advantage India, Mr. G.S. Murthy and his team of Advisors and Consultants provide strategic and or tactical business solutions in the areas of Marketing & Sales, Research & Analysis, Corporate Communications, Advertising, Media Planning, Product Promotion, International Trade, Information Technology and e-Commerce.

Why Choose Advantage

  • Customer-Oriented: We work with entrepreneurs like you, professionals who are wary of deceptive business practices pervasive in the B2B, B2C, P2P sectors and who are facing greater risks, higher challenges and lower returns than they should.
  • Professional: We are an independent Business Advisory and Management Consulting company with more than 120 clients across Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities of India.
  • Cooperative: Whether you are just starting your business, or whether you are a well-established company, or somewhere in-between, you deserve the best business advice and management consulting available.
WE HELP YOUR BUSINESS through key transformational services and innovation that reflects the depth of our experience and industry knowledge.

We help clients find ways to turn everyday information into actionable insights by embedding analytics across their organization’s strategy, operations, and systems.


We blend deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas, new products, new business models, and new relationships.


We help CXOs and Top Management drive business performance and shareholder value while improving operational effectiveness and efficiency in the organization.


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.