Business Mapping

Business Mapping

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Business Mapping

Business Auditing reveals a lot of gaps between what you perceive as desired outcomes or performance from every department in your organization, and what the reality is. This implies Business Auditing is only a small part of the transformation story! Sustaining the momentum towards all-round change requires constant attention to:

  • Discipline: Creating programs, initiatives and a change in mindset towards all-round excellence
  • Systems: Introducing and incorporating measures to enforce this discipline, without disrupting the smooth functioning of any department
  • Processes: Creating and fine-tuning your processes from time to time, to ensure Discipline and Systems are working in sync.

This is where GSM Advantage comes into the picture. As an external consultancy with unbiased perspective, we can evaluate the above 3 factors at your organization, from time-to-time. This will help us derive a ‘business map’, which is the most accurate picture of the health of your company, and precisely what Top Managements seek.

Thereafter, based on your interest, we can undertake all our other services which will help you take the business map in the desired direction over time.


Clients count on us every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.